Have you tried tons of weight loss deals only to be dissatisfied with your results? For OVER 15 years I too have tried and spent thousands of dollars with no results. But this time it happened and happened right a way and the best part about these experiences is, it keeps working. We have the solution you are looking for.

Weight loss with SkinnyDRIVE is not a theory; it works. So don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Everyday you put off starting your weight loss journey because you are waiting for that perfect start date; you lose a day you cannot get back. You will take that much longer to get in your summer clothes or your older but favorite clothing.

Maybe you just want a new wardrobe because you have been putting off purchasing new clothes because you just know you are going to lose that unwanted weight which means you will have to start shopping again.

Our Mission

New Life Sciences is dedicated to making SkinnyDRIVE a household name; the purpose of living a safe and healthy lifestyle while helping people get the results they have been looking for. Through our SkinnyDRIVE and your results along with your contagious excitement as One Team One Family, we can be more impactful around the globe. Let's be that Rising Tide to Raise all those who desire to want to live life to its fullest. You are the example and the hope for those who are looking for someone to come along side them and encourage them to fulfill their dreams.

Say "YES"
To these simple 6 steps

Experience how simple the process is to lose weight safely and effectively for yourself. Become that light of hope for those who know and love you but need to know someone personally make the transformation.

Your Success will be fun and easy if you follow the simple plan. Of course if you want to maximize your results even further, following a healthy diet and excises plan is always recommended along with visiting a physician for personal recommendations.

Now it is still true, like anything in life, you have to be willing to be committed. The word commitment for the SkinnyDRIVE is committing to these steps below.

6 Simple Steps


Step 01: Goal Sheet

Fill out your goal sheet. Use your daily tracking sheet. Create a short you tube video telling yourself and the world why you are committing to lose weight and feel better about yourself. Continue to make short videos of your success along the way.


Step 02: Starting Picture

Take your start date picture for the 90-day challenge and continue to document your changes weekly with updated pictures. Looking back at your journey will never be so good as seeing your personal results.


Step 03: Track Your Progress

Weigh yourself 3 times a week and write them in your tracker.


Step 04: Take SkinnyDRIVE

Take SkinnyDRIVE with a FULL 16-ounce bottle of water 15 - 30 minutes before your two main meals each weekday (Yes - only 5 days a week.)


Step 05: Take BodyDRIVE

Take a drink of BodyDRIVE along with your SkinnyDRIVE with your first meal of the day (On wafer days)


Step 06: Get Active

Get active, walk, go to the gym do something that gets your metabolism going for even faster and better results.


Quick Tip

If you want to lose faster take SkinnyDRIVE with a FULL 16-ounce bottle of water 15 - 30 minutes before each meal.

Maximize Your Results

Major Tips to make sure you maximize your results with optimum results.

Major Tips to make sure you maximize your results with optimum results

  • Keep SkinnyDRIVE handy (in your purse, in the kitchen etc.)
  • AWAYS take your SkinnyDRIVEwith a FULL 16-ounce bottle of water.
  • Put your start picture and updated photos on your bathroom mirror and make copies to bring to your work so you are constantly reminded to take your SkinnyDRIVE.
  • Stop or at least reduce the amount of processed foods you eat will help speed up your weight loss. The reason is because your body doesn't know what to do with the processed foods so they store as fat.
  • Keep your Goal sheet and tracker sheet next to your pictures
  • Keep making short YouTube videos of your determination and your success stories. While you can show them off to your social media channels, we can also do the same if you allow us to show you off to the whole world as you lose weight.
  • Serve yourself smaller portions of food than you regularly do. Your mind will play tricks on you but with the SkinnyDRIVE, you are not only getting all those incredible nutrients they come with but you will most likely not have the desire to eat as much as you have in the past. Old habits die hard, so don't tempt yourself by putting the same amount of portions you have always put on your plate. Most people, when they see the food on their plate, they feel as though they need to eat it all. The problem will be trying to finish the size severing you have had in the past and then how full you will fill afterwards. It's a known fact the less you eat, the more you lose.
  • Read the book "Within The Millionaire Mind". You will get insight that not only helps you in business but will help you in this journey to losing weight.
  • Get plugged into the "Empowerment to Wealth" program so you can learn things that will improve your personal and business life like never before.
  • Speak positively everyday about your journey.
  • Have some extra SkinnyDRIVE on hand to give away to find weight loss buddies and make some extra money. They will know the power of SkinnyDRIVE the first time they try it.

Although most people prefer to not follow these three suggestions below, as you lose weight you know that living a healthier lifestyle can make you feel better about yourself along with natural health benefits. Of course who doesn't want to look better than ever and have more energy.

  • Change your lifestyle by eating healthier.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Always take your SkinnyDRIVEwith a FULL 16-ounce glass of water

SkinnyDRIVE customers have been known to lose up to 20 pounds or more in 30 days, but weight loss results vary depending on the individual. No guarantee is provided or implied.

All photographs, videos and testimonies are of actual customers of the SkinnyDRIVE product. Results may vary based on each customer's physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to their recommended nutritional plan by their physician. The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual. It is recommended you see your physician before starting any weight loss program and adhere to their suggested nutritional plan.